For the Love of Brick: Interviews with LEGO Enthusiasts
A podcast celebrating people and their unique connections with LEGO. Hosted by Greg McDonald.
Dec 24, 2020

Ep.19 – Christmas Special 2020

In this final episode for 2020, our first ever Christmas Special, we finally learn more about our host, Greg McDonald, and why he thought we needed yet another podcast in this world! We hear from previous guests on how LEGO helped them through 2020, including Greg’s own tale of how LEGO helped him survive self-isolation due to a COVID scare. Greg basically thanks the entire world for the podcast… but seriously, thanks to all our guests, listeners and everyone involved in helping make For the Love of Brick come to life. And happy festive season to you all!

Big shout out to this week’s guests: James Pegrum - Brick to the Past: ( Megan Lum and Alice Finch - Women’s Brick Initiative: ( Kale Frost – Frost Bricks: ( Loretta Sanford – UNLEASH: ( Marco Andre – 100 LEGO Stories: ( )


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